Privacy Policy

Between the customer of and the administration of the agreement, the feature of which is complete confidentiality. Once the user goes to our resource, the Privacy Policy takes effect. It follows that if you do not agree with its terms, oblige immediately to leave Website.

Throughout the entire period of the user’s presence on the Website, this Policy applies.

The key task of our team is to provide you with qualified assistance ensuring 100% anonymity of the customer. To do this, please go to the Website for a simple registration.

The Website reserves the right to store and use certain user details. The goal of this step is to improve the company’s work, to optimize the work with the customer.

Your use of the Website means your consent to the collection of your personal information. From this it follows that all personal details collected by the Website is stored by us on legal grounds.

Almost all the details that we use is provided personally by the customer when registering and filling in the order form, as well as during communication with the author of the text and employees of technical and customer support. Also, details can be collected for identity identification, page transfers (cookies), cash transactions.

At the same time, the administration never collects or uses details that relate to your personal life — political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation, health and mentality.

When you download the Website you receive the following details:

  • The type and version of the web browser that the customer uses;
  • Operating system;
  • The current time.

When using the Website services we get the following information:

  • Phone number, e-mail;
  • Credit card;
  • A copy of the document proving your identity.

E-mail is necessary for the Website to provide you with information about the work of our company. E-mail also serves as a means of communication to notify the customer of the opening/closing of the order and the degree of its readiness, the status of payments made on the Website.

To log in to Website and pay for the services ordered, the customer undertakes to provide details about his identity (a copy of the document) and credit card number. Also, the administration needs to report on their nationality and citizenship. This information is submitted by the user in electronic form (photo). This process is necessary for the protection of personal details.

If the user refuses to provide the details requested by the Website administration, the Website will be forced to refuse the customer in the provision of services.

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