Refund Policy

Providing a high-level service, Paperhelp company has provided for the possibility of returning cash to customers. This is possible if the text provided by does not suit the Customer, or they do not need it.

When implementing the process of refunding money on your or our initiative, intellectual property rights for any material prepared by us remains with the company. As you can see Paperhelp is totally legit.

In case of such a situation, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our Refund Policy in order to confirm the compliance of the situation with the following criteria.

You receive 100% compensation if:

  • There is a payment error. If a double payment was made. This situation is permissible when you re-order identical jobs or in case of a system failure. If you find this, you should immediately inform the Website administration, otherwise we will not be able to pay compensation if the author has already been assigned to work on your orders;
  • If the author can not complete the task. Since the flow of applications is large, a specific specialist may not be able to complete the task within the specified time. We will immediately notify you of this and pay back the money;
  • The Customer has the right to demand payment of funds back, if the author did not submit the order within the specified period or you no longer need the text. Please note that we will not send you an essay if you request your money back. Moreover, you do not have the right to use any materials that were provided to you by Website.

Compensation of funds in the amount of 70% of the amount paid is compensated in the case of the appointment of the author for the execution of the order, but before the expiration of half the time limit for its implementation. We return 30% less, since work on your project was started.

Refund of 50% of the money:

  • There is no author who would check your text. You can use the service of free reconciliation, but if there is no free employee, the Customer can demand a refund;
  • The performer was identified, and half the time for doing the work was completed.

If you received your order in ready-made form and send it to us for revision, this may indicate that you are satisfied with the work and accept it. In this case, 100% compensation can not be demanded.

No refund is made:

  • For VAT;
  • If payment is made at the expense of loan funds;
  • If the company department responsible for the quality of work has confirmed the compliance of the document with the requirements specified in the order;
  • If payment is made at the expense of loan funds;
  • When ordering VIP-services or providing discounts;
  • If you have confirmed the job and are satisfied with it;
  • If you pressed a button that confirms the job approval;
  • For orders that do not involve writing. An example might be a multiple-choice test. Even if most of the answers were incorrect, no compensation is paid.
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