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Read the «Terms of Use» for further cooperation with us. To identify the portal Paperhep.biz («Website») will be used the words «Company», «We», «Our».

Each individual that will use Website for his own purposes and pay for the services provided for him, is referred to the «customer» in this text. The customer agrees to comply with the rules described in this document and is responsible for his actions performed on the Website.

The concept of «Product» implies different types of written works, including academic articles, essays, reviews and critiques. The customer undertakes to pay for the service rendered to him, and the performer, in turn, — to fulfill the requirements set before him, taking into account the style and deadline. To leave a request for an order, the customer can only after passing the registration on the Website, i.e. By creating your account.

The order is considered to be open from the moment when the customer draws up the request and provides the details necessary for the digital form.

The customer undertakes to provide clear information regarding the requirements for the article. The order is not considered accepted if the details is transmitted by e-mail, chatting or using the phone. At the same time, the Website undertakes to provide the customer with assistance in completing the online form.


The list of services provided by the Website includes writing texts from scratch, the correction or formatting of the already finished text, as well as a set of editorial services. All conditions of the Privacy Policy are available on the Website, we strongly recommend that customers familiarize themselves with them. Also, read the information about the money back guarantee and working conditions in case of misunderstanding. Having a full picture of the work of our service, customers will be able to use all services without incurring inaccuracies. After acceptance by the customer of all rules and conditions, he can make payment for services.

Acceptance of conditions

All agreements are established between the Website and the customer. The Website undertakes to provide the customer with the conditions stipulated in this document and other documents on the Website. The customer undertakes to examine and confirm his consent to the acceptance of details and other conditions on the Website.

Editing, deleting details

If the need arises, the Website reserves the right to make adjustments to this document. The customer may from time to time study the page to clarify the changes/updates made.


Each service provided by Website, as well as each text is original and unique. We have banned the placement of advertisements, the publication or distribution of their work as a commercial product.

All products created by us are designed for personal use by customers. It may be criminalized for the abuse of materials contained on Website. All contents of the Website cannot be copied or sold, used for personal purposes.

Accuracy of details

Website administration is not responsible for making updates to the Website. All these conditions and policies are provided to the customer for informational purposes. We do not undertake to inform the customer about the amendments to the terms and conditions on the Website. The customer undertakes to track the changes on the Website.

Product and price

All prices for services are on the Website. The marketing department of the company is working on the development of discounts and regularly introduces them. This allows the customer to pay for services at a lower cost and save money. Sometimes the prices for certain products may be slightly different from those published on the Website. Our manager always notifies the customer about this in the course of clarifying the details of the transaction. The customer reserves the right to accept or reject the offered price and not order the service.

The customer undertakes to provide the most accurate information for the author in the course of writing the text. Read the terms and conditions carefully before requesting a review.


Upon leaving the application, the customer confirms his consent to adhere to the following rules and conditions:

  • We undertake to adhere to the standards specified by the customer when filling in the order;
  • Work on the order starts after the payment is made. The cost includes collecting information for writing text or performing a service, investigating a problem / topic, writing, adjusting, checking, delivering to the customer;
  • The customer does not have the right to copy content from Website for personal purposes;
  • The customer can not profit from the product purchased at Website

Prohibition / deny

The usage of the Website is carried out under the responsibility of the customer. The Company reserves the right at any time to terminate the right of access to the Website to the customer. Website administration assumes the obligation to provide continuous access of the customer to the Website. The portal belongs to the category of secure, does not have virus-files or other programs that can damage the customer’s computer.

It follows that the customer, when downloading any content from the Website, is responsible for his Security. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the customer’s technique during downloading of information. Website administration guarantees the safety of the use of the resource. This does not exclude probable problems that may arise.

Intellectual Property Rights

Accepting the rules established by this document, the customer confirms its consent to the recognition of any content located on the Website, the property of the Administration. The customer does not have the right to create similar Websites or web pages, and to use and make corrections to the details contained on the Website. The information list includes software and document files.

Privacy Policy

Given that we own all the details posted on the Website, the customer agrees not to distribute any information from Website. As for the personal details of customers of Website, they are strictly confidential and can not be transferred to third parties and structures. This document confirms the operation of this rule.

Rights to the independence of the customer

The customer is responsible for the information contained in the personal account on the Website. Only he can use it.


After reading these rules and confirming their consent, the customer agrees to adhere to the listed principles. Both sides agree to adhere to the agreed rules.

The terms

If the customer considers a particular rule to be invalid or incorrect, this rule may be subject to revision. As a result, cooperation between the Administration and the customer is carried out on mutually beneficial terms.

By using this Website, you agree that services could be provided by third parties.

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